Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whatever God does, he does for Best

Generally we say in our personal life that whatever God does, he does for Best. From last six -Seven days I was in problem that how would I handle the assignment of a director with a MNC. Looking towards the future risks I refused to be a Director with MNC. This refusal leaded toward the delay of the Company formation. I was blamed for delaying by the Layer and the company president, as it was hard to find the new director at last stage. I took a time for rethink to discuss with my friends.

Just two days before I received a mail from Lawyer of The actual investor that the President has made a fraud of 2,50,000 USD, which was supposed to be invested in India.

I went through the letter two times and checked the information with Security and Exchange Commission of USA. This letter was right and the information was authentic.

I thanked God many time for protecting me from this fraud. I am safe now. The investors came to India yesterday and meet me and strengthen the future relationship. Now I become more confidants for the assignment of Director.

If I would have signed the document the company would have formed the share and ownership of company would have transferred to the last director........

Thanks God..............

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

One leg pigeon ; Equal Opportunity

Every morning I spread some grain as feed for the birds. yesterday 7-8 pigeon were picking the grain. One pigeon was having only one leg.. other leg was paralyzed. It was facing problems in making balance on one leg. It was not able to pick the grain easily. But It was struggling to pick the grain. even there was no fight.. But its task was tight.

I thought a while...

Was there any beak feeding for its....??
it was struggling for feed as other birds...
Were other birds showing mercy on it...?
All the answer were NO..........

In this world the problem belong to you... God gives equal opportunity to all but it is the human/ birds who have to make affords as per his requirement. Don't forget same time other person are also doing the same task.....

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Politically Senseless.....

I am a politically neutral person specially in the scenario of Rajgarh. I always pray to God. Please Give Development to Rajgarh. The MOHATA family served Rajgarh and the constructed many colleges, hospital and schools. Rajgarh was a leading education center is Rajasthan. Our political leader did'nt make any affords toward the education development. Initially the Mohta Ayurved Collge was Closed. Now the govt has cut the Aid for Mohata P.G. College, directly that is going to effect the poor people of Rajgarh. In the one side Govt is flowing money in education. In the another hand they are putting axe  on the dream of youth.

Our political leader did'nt protest against these type of the decision which will block the education development of Rajgarh. Since last 35-40 year no new school college has sanctioned for Rajgarh. The higher education in Rajgarh never started. There are students but they stop education due to unavailability of the appropriate college and school.

Our political leaders must think about following issue toward development of the Rajgarh.

Drinking water Supply
Four Secondary School
Two Higher Secondary School
Two College - One Only for Girly with PG classes
One college with PG and PhD Classed
One Agriculture College
One Medical College with 500 Bed Hospital
One Engineering College
One Ayurved College
Two Polytechnic College
One Central Bus Stand
Two 100 Bed Hospitals- One Women Hospital
Four Allopathic Dispencery
Two Ayurved Dispencery
One Homypathic Dispencery
Urban Planning
One Stadium
Two Play groud
Munciple Corporation Bhawan
Four Vertanary Dispencery
Agriculture Research Station
One Central Market.
Sewerage System
Waste Management yard.
Four Community Centre

Might be you are thinking that I am in Air...... No... Jhalawar was near to Kota.....The town was not developed. Now it has changed in the City. The city has developed very Well. Geographically Rajgarh is suitable location to establish all these institutes.

Why not our Lovely Rajgarh....


There is a Saying  regularly repeated by our elders "Morning Time is The God Time". Since last fey years I am worried about the degradation of the social environment of Rajgarh. A regular gang war, murder, theft, Dakaiti, vehicle theft, rape, kidnapping, eve teasing, ..... I cant put them all here..All the things has stuck in the mind . when ever i think about Rajgarh, these things rotate.    Just four five day before I came to Rajgarh I arrived  at Rajgarh 6 PM. The market was 95% closed. Shop were closed. I can understand that customer from rural Rajgarh return back to their villages up to 6 PM. Closing of shop is the subject, which reflect the present social environment..I was also nervous about Rajgarh " What can be done"......... JAMIR MAR GAYA......... means  Senses has dead. The same Rajgarh where Market was used to open till 8 Pm, some PAN shops were used up open lat night 1Pm - 2 Pm.

I was going to Jaipur. In the morning I  was waiting for Bus at Bu stand. the court is in front of the Bus Stand. I was thinking about my 200 Bucks which I paid for the documents attested. . The conductor came and shouted collect your ticket .. I turned to ticket window.  Due to the problem of  small currency coin, I used to leave it with the ticket maker. it has become my habit.

He asked me for one rupee coin . I was having 2 rupees coin. I gave to the ticket maker and rushed towadr the bus to occupy the seat. A noise came from the ticket window "O JAIPUR WALE DEKH LE............... I turned back. I was shocked to saw that the Gentlr Man "Ticket Maker"  stood up and dropped the coin in the Donation Drop Box for the "GAU-SHALA " .. cow shelter.

I took a long breath... I was happy that my one rupee was answer to my mentality after loosing 200 buck. It was also a strong evidence to prove the saying ""Morning Time is The God Time".

"Aik Katra Kafi Hai......... Sehar Ko Jinda Karane Keliye"


Last week I was in the process of getting the passport. I was required to get the Police verification certificate through Advance Investigation. After getting the details from the Police station I collected some Stamp Papers and documents. As per the regulation the stamp paper must be Nautary Attested. whole the day was passed in the process of getting stamp papers, getting them typed, In the evening I decided I must returned to home after getting the documents completed. I went to court. It was 6 pm and the court was vacant. I saw a person sitting on the chair under the advocate shed. I asked him to get my documents Nautary attested. he soaked his head and said " Yes" . I negotiated on the rate and handed over the documents. He started his work and sealed and signed my all documents like a Governor of  Reserve Bank. I paid him his charges and came to home. In the morning I awoke early in the morning. I came to know that my documents were not attested by a Nautary. It was sealed as AUTH COMISSIONOR. My whole day affords were on the ground. I again collected all the documents next day and get them attested from Nautary attested. In the evening I went to same person and asked " What the hell you have done with me ? I had to make all the document again." He replied " TO PHER KE HOYO..MERA SIGN TO THANE TAHSHIL SAB JAGAH CHALE HAI"..... means. "Then what happened...My sign are valid at the court , police station and every where." all the frustration was on the ground like the attested documents. I was not in the mood of argue with President of India I laughed and came away.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Great Villages Of Rajgarh....

Berasar Chota - Bevad - Bhagela - Bhainsali - Bhimsana - Bhuwadi - Binjawas - Birmi Khalsa -Chainpura Bada - Chainpura Chota - Chandgothi - Dadrewa - Dhanau - Dhandal Lekhu - Dhani Badi - Dhani Mauji - Dhanothi Badi - Dhigarla - Dokwa - Galar - Gothya Badi - Gulpura -Hamirwas - Jaswantpura - Kalanatal - Kalri - Kangan - Khayali - Kheru Badi - Khuddi - LakhlanLambor Badi - Mehlana Utrada - Mundital - Nashal Choti - Nawa - Nayangal Choti - Nima -Norangpura - Nuhand - Paharsar - Radha Badi - Radha Choti - Rampura - Ramsaratal -Ratanpura - Sahua - Sankhan Tal - Shankhu - Sidhmukh - Sulkhaniya Chota - Suratpura -Tamba Khedi - Thirpali Badi – Vijaypura

ट्रैफिक नियमों को और अधिक कठोर

नई दिल्ली. ट्रैफिक नियमों को और अधिक कठोर बनाने संबंधी प्रस्ताव को कैबिनेट ने मंजूर कर लिया है। संसद के बजट सत्र में मोटर व्‍हीकल एक्‍ट का संशोधित रूप पेश किया जाएगा। संसद से पारित होने पर ये प्रस्‍ताव कानून बन जाएंगे। इसके तहत ट्रैफिक नियमों को तोड़ने पर जुर्माना की रकम में भारी बढ़ोतरी का प्रस्ताव है।

अब ट्रैफिक नियमों को तोड़ने पर जुर्माना आठ से दस गुना बढ़ाए जाएगा। नए नियम के मुताबिक, शराब पीकर ड्राइव करने पर दो साल जेल या पांच हजार जुर्माना या दोनों सजाएं हो सकती हैं। ड्राइव करते समय फोन पर बात करने पर पहली बार पकड़ने जाने पर 500 रुपए का जुर्माना लगेगा। गलती दोहराने पर 5000 रुपए का जुर्माना लगया जाएगा।

सीट बेल्ट नहीं लगाने पर 500 से 1500 रुपए तक का जुर्माना, हेलमेट नहीं लगाने पर 500 का जुर्माना, रेड लाइट पार करने पर 500 से 1500 रुपए तक का जुर्माना, बिना रजिस्ट्रेशन की गाड़ी चलाने पर 20 हजार रुपए का जुर्माना लग सकता है।